Question about celiacs and similar disorders?

sarahliz1624 Asked: Question about celiacs and similar disorders?

I have been iron deficient (but not anemic) with small red blood cells for over a year. For a while I was taking an iron supplement (ferrous gluconate) and was feeling much better (more energy, etc). My doctor ran a blood test and said I could stop taking the extra iron and just take my multivitamin. I’m on depo-provera, so I don’t have a period, which would be the standard cause of iron deficiency in women, but I’m not losing any blood. I’m a meat eater so it’s not a vegetarian thing. It has been a few months and I feel like crap again. I’ve tried taking the iron supplement again but my stomach will not tolerate it (I ended up with an impaction about six months ago because of it) and now after stopping the iron I am having diarrhea, bad stomach cramps, and nausea (especially after eating). I am wondering, since I seem to have a malabsorption problem, if celiacs or something similar (such as a wheat allergy) could be causing my symptoms. Any feedback from people who’ve experienced the same thing would be great. I’m thinking of trying a gluten-free diet and seeing if that makes a difference, but my worry is going to my doctor and having the symptoms be gone so there’s no proof of what’s wrong. Thanks.


JP Answered:
See your Dr. Record a history of what you eat and what happens with your stomach afterwards.

dreamofdjinni Answered:
Celiac is not very well diagnosed especially in this country. It is better treated and diagnosed in Europe. There are also various degrees of gluten intolerance, short of celiac disease. I quit eating gluten foods months ago and I feel better. Never had any diagnosis. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye, and one has to be aware of ingredients on labels, “modified food starch” for example. Anatto. Teriyaki. KFC roasted chicken has flour in it. I don’t trust in restaurant corn chips. I read labels.
Iron is difficult to take. Too much iron is even poison. Get iron from liver or some food like beans. Check food labels for iron content.

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