Quinoa ideas? Gluten Free?

Wabby Asked: Quinoa ideas? Gluten Free?

I have Celiac Disease (so I can’t eat gluten). I’ve heard so many people raving about Quinoa and so I bought some. I cooked it up (like rice), but it was pretty boring on its own.

Anyone got any simple ways to include quinoa into a gluten free diet?



Tami Answered:
You can cook the quinoa in chicken, beef, or veggie broth.
rzsrhrstjhsrju Answered:
It’s awful..I tried it many times hoping I will start to like it..to no avail. But if you have no choice you can make anything taste nice I guess…I sprouted mine and had them in salad. Maybe not very filling but it was the only way i could eat them. 

You’re better off buying gluten-free pasta or eat potatoes and rice…saying that, you might want to mix quinoa and rice..I think that’s not too bad and you get extra protein!!

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