Should I keep EATING gluten and wheat til I see the doctor..!?

ICanHelpU Asked: Should I keep EATING gluten and wheat til I see the doctor..!?

I’ve had a letter saying my blood tests were back and the only abnormal one was for celiac disease.
Apparently a lot of people have to have a biopsy so I was thinking if I avoid wheat and gluten til Thursday only 3/4 days my body won’t repair anything that quick will it so if I’m allergic to wheat/gluten then it would come up, as I have noticed since avoiding it my rash on my neck has gone down and my eczema and the itching has dramatically reduced. BUT my problem is I’ve been living off of chocolate and fruit as I don’t know what to eat, I’ve tried the gluten/wheat free bread and its rubbish and expensive so its pointless eating anymore bread if its going to taste like that and I don’t want to eat normal bread like usual as my kidneys really hurt then my stomach feels bad and i feel sick and get a headache etc etc


Kim K Answered:
search up the GAPS diet. sounds like you need to start that. that’s what i am on. however, don’t start immediately, it will feel too overwhelming, brainstorm for foods you like to eat and such. I am only 15 and on the diet, and i used to have eczema too and now its gone ! 🙂 also i feel soo much better
Keltera Answered:
There are TONS of option for a gluten free diet! You have to shop around for the best bread as a lot of it is not good, there pastas, pies, muffins, and lots more gluten free brand. Have you ever heard of a store called goodness me? I am not sure were you life so don’t know your stores. You cal also eat rice crackers, lost of brands that are awesome. Have you been eating meat? Make sure its unbreaded and there are brand of gluten free BBQ sauce. You can also contact me if you want. My sister is gluten free and I love going shopping for her. Also check with your local grocers for gluten free foods! Stay away from gluten! Its worth it!

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