Solving The Celiac Riddle! – What Can Double You Over With Abdominal Pain, Yet Remain Unaffected by Meds?

Solving The Celiac Riddle! – What Can Double You Over With Abdominal Pain, Yet Remain Unaffected by Meds?

Solving a Riddle!

What Can Double You Over With Abdominal Pain, Yet Remain Unaffected by Meds?

It Could Be Something You Ate!

It’s a funny name that you may have never heard of before. It’s Celiac Disease. Pronounced like “silly act” it is one of the most allusive ailments in the medical community.

In fact, there’s a good bet that you’ve never heard of it.

Oddly enough it mimics other illnesses that we are quite familiar with, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Unfortunately it just doesn’t respond to IBS treatments.

Oh, you might get some temporary relief but it will just keep coming back and haunting you over and over again. It doesn’t go away and you begin to think you might be going crazy!

Well, you aren’t. Once you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease you can take the bull by the horns and start treating it yourself. Celiac Disease may be rare and hard to diagnosis but you will be amazed at how you feel once you are in control.

Celiac can present like Chron’s leading to further confusion over the diagnosis. Type I Diabetes and migraine are often associated with Celiac.

Because of this, it’s no wonder why it is so difficult to diagnose. The key is to know what symptoms to watch for and how your body reacts to those indicators.

If it is difficult for the medical community to diagnose, how do you expect to do it for yourself? Well, the bottom line is that you don’t; at least not without having an arsenal of knowledge to back you up.

What Can You Do?

That’s where we come into the picture. If it were ever important to have answers to your health questions, this is one of the most important. Why? Because Celiac Disease can be so difficult to diagnose you need answers to some pretty complex issues.

We give them to you in “Solving the Celiac Riddle.”

Why is a proper diagnosis so important when it comes to Celiac? Left untreated, complications can ensue. One common condition is malnutrition since the disease can cause malabsorption, followed by malnutrition.

That’s right. It may seem hard to believe that in the U.S. in this day and age someone can actually suffer from malnutrition. What is so sad is that it needn’t happen all if diagnosed early.

“Solving the Celiac Riddle” also warns of that several forms of cancer can develop if patients are not strictly following the Celiac Disease diet. Bowel cancer and intestinal lymphoma will most likely develop.

If you experience symptoms of Celiac Disease while pregnant it is doubly as important to get a proper diagnosis ASAP! Congenital malformation of babies and miscarriage can develop. Neural tube defects are also risks that pregnant women with Celiac Disease should be careful of.

Celiac Disease is generally an autoimmune problem, so neurological symptoms used to be believed to stem from autoimmune processes.

If we are alarming you with this information, that’s a good thing! Better to be alarmed and aware than complacent and seriously regretful. The answers to these problems are found in “Solving the Celiac Riddle.”

That isn’t to say that you or your loved one may not or ever have Celiac Disease. But isn’t it better to know it early when you can grab hold of the problem and bet it head on? Wouldn’t you rather know? We thought so.

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