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Gluten-Free Heaven

Food is a God given gift to humanity. It is not only a basic need for survival but it is also a delightful treat for everybody. I believe no one is sad whenever they are eating. Do you agree? That is just not possible. The gastronomic experience is one of the best things in life. Shoveling delicious meals into your mouth will most definitely satisfy your rumbling stomach.

An example to that are the gluten allergic people. Their usual diet must not contain wheat, barley, oats, rye and malt. They are also deemed off limits to a number of pasta sauces and a few kinds of beans. The ones diagnosed with gluten allergy or celiac diseases are seriously going through a rough time searching for the right food that they could actually eat. Shopping markets and restaurants do not readily offer gluten free food stuff.

However, here comes great news. Gluten-free shops are here for the rescue. It is a company that produces a line of frozen food that can serve as replacement for the vegetarian and gluten allergic folks. Aside from doing away with gluten allergens, being a vegetarian also takes a lot of guts. I mean, taking for granted the temptations of meat and sticking to your green leafy vegetables. That is a trait worth bragging for. We are also well aware of how beneficial it is for the body to be supplied with vitamin – rich and preservative free veggies. For instance, eating organic fruits and fresh vegetable salad will do good not just to the body but as well as to the environment. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. It will also help in achieving the perfect body one desires for. With a lifestyle that involves the consumption of healthy and raw regimen, there is no room for allergic reactions.

As much as we would like to ponder on the good things brought about by food, there is a sad story at the other end of the line. Those people who have developed allergic reactions whenever they eat something that is against what their bodies can tolerate. Yes, to not be able to enjoy anything and everything you want is such a tragic torture. Which is why finding these kinds of specialty shops is like stumbling on a pot of gold.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - May 1, 2014 at 4:12 pm

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What To Do If You Have Problems With Wheat

Wheat intolerance is defined as a health condition where the body has major issues when it comes to wheat digestion. It is different from wheat allergy in which the body autoimmune responses cause allergy symptoms. Wheat intolerance is principally a chemical reaction and actually, it occurs more frequently compared allergies, albeit you might not have heard about that.

In Celiac disease, an alteration in an enzyme is there. Hence, it causes your body to be unable to digest gluten found in wheat. The damage that gluten incurs brings about rapid cell turnover and damage in the bowel, which are actually no good. Celiac disease awareness is progressively spreading, though.

The accurate mechanism that causes wheat intolerance is not yet determined, but such condition is linked to some antigens in the body. Some people even claim that it’s brought about by malfunction in the autoimmune system. Such health condition affects women much more compared to men, and when you have immediate family members or relatives that have it, unfortunately, you are vulnerable to being affected also considering it’s hereditary. Many Europeans and Caucasians have it, but it’s not exclusive to such people. Some medications like antihistamines can help in dealing with signs and symptoms that come with wheat allergy.

If you think you have wheat allergy or intolerance, what you can do is visit your doctor so he or she can refer you immediately to specialists who can accurately diagnose your health condition. It could get serious and pose major threat to your health. Once you are diagnosed, avoiding foods that cause the condition altogether is a must. For the most part, you stay away from them for the rest of eternity.

Total avoidance of these foods can be quite difficult, considering majority of food in our usual diet has wheat. Nonetheless, progress in health awareness has, by some means, forced food companies to be comprehensive with their labeling of food products. That said, go to your doctor if you are currently having problems with wheat as soon as you can.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - May 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm

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Q&A: What are some meal ideas for a gluten free diet?

Question by Ello: What are some meal ideas for a gluten free diet?

I have talked to a lot of people and researched, that a gluten free diet can be beneficiary in many ways and shed fat. I am a little hesitant, but I think it is at least worth a try. If I were to try being gluten free for a week, can you give me a meal plan or just some really good gluten free meals to give me energy but give me those health benefits. Thanks


Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Feeny
potatoes, eggs, chicken, fish, beef, lots of green vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, bacon, white rice, nuts (in moderation), fruit (in moderation)…put olive oil on makes veggies taste so much better.

Warning—You may feel like crap after a few days..this is your body withdrawing from its dependence on sugar (carbs)…this can last weeks and it can get worse before it gets better. Your body has to adjust to burning fat for energy. After your body becomes efficient at burning fat you’ll feel 100 times better.

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Can I cure costochondritis caused by celiac disease by fasting?

Question by Dora: Can I cure costochondritis caused by celiac disease by fasting?
I know I should have just stuck to my diet but I didn’t. I’ve been in pain for so long and it’s just ruining my life for the past year. If I don’t eat for a few days anything but raw canned pumpkin and green tea will it go away?

Best answer:

Answer by Elizabeth
Look up juice fasting on google, as a way to get back to health. You are probably not ready for a water fast. A water fast can be detrimental to a persons health if one goes on it too soon.

Green juices for fasting. Green smoothies if you want to work your digestive system, but help it digest your foods better by breaking down the foods in a blender instead of your mouth.

When you juice fast, your body will put hardly any work towards digestion and will put all its energy toward healing your body.

The body can get very skinny during this process, and it is recommended to see a doctor to have a blood test before going on any fast.

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Sumptuous Gluten-Free Breakfast

We have heard just how important breakfast is. It’s our means to “break” the “fasting”. It is a way to replenish the body’s energy, which is somehow depleted as you sleep and a process of renewal and repair takes place. Mental and physical energy required early in the day can be given by breakfast. Many of us skip meals when we go about our early morning tasks. However, you must know that studies have shown how people who eat breakfast daily are more likely to maintain a healthy diet. That said, they have the higher chance of dodging various health problems and also get to lose weight.

A fifth to a quarter of your daily nutritional intake should be from your breakfast. The best way to go about this is by eating different kinds of food that has vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. That way, you get to eat all the essentials for a healthy body and mind. You can do so by planning your breakfast around the main food groups.

Here are some tips on making healthy gluten-free breakfasts. Starchy foods are a good source of energy, iron, B vitamins and fiber. You may actually opt for gluten-free bread products and mixes, gluten-free flour for pancakes and items like potato waffles.

However, you must be sure that the tools you use in grilling or toasting are not contaminated by wheat products. You can also go for rice and corn-based cereals or gluten-free porridge. Sugar is also acceptable.

If you have celiac disease and want to keep your health in check, breakfast should be a staple in your daily routine. A healthy gluten-free breakfast will contribute positively to your lifestyle and, as you can see, there is an array of sumptuous gluten-free foods available these days. Some additional products have not even been mentioned in this article, like the many different kinds of gluten-free spreads that you can now take advantage of. Our health is something that cannot be taken for granted, which is the very reason why breakfast should be taken seriously.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - April 6, 2013 at 12:29 pm

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What happens to one’s body when he eats gluten-free products without having celiac?

Question by Lewis: What happens to one’s body when he eats gluten-free products without having celiac?
It was my birthday yesterday, however I have friends who are gluten-intolerant and so we made a gluten-free cake for them. Basically I did not eat anything but this cake yesterday, and today my stool (pardon the upcoming description) is bright green and runny. I’m wondering if this is at all related.

Best answer:

Answer by Shauna
Could be. Gluten free foods are simply free from three grains out of an entire family of foods. So there is nothing inherently damaging about that. It would be like saying you are eating a meal that is free from carrots, peas, and potatoes – three veggies out of the vegetable family. Seriously, that’s not going to do anything to you.

However, many gluten free products, when they are trying to mimic the texture of wheat products, add a lot of ingredients that don’t agree with everyone. The most common are the gums – xanthan gum, arabic gum, guar gum. These are in gluten free products in much higher amounts than you would find in other foods, and they’ve been shown to cause tummy and bowel problems in some people. They’d be the most likely culprit.

Other possibilities would be ingredients you don’t usually eat, like some of the alternative grains like millet or sorghum. Or, again, other products that you don’t usually eat in large amounts, like tapioca starch – that’s another one that can zap people’s tummies.

I’d check the ingredients on the cake and take note, honestly, because some of these products have been showing up in more and more OTHER products that aren’t gluten free. Wouldn’t hurt to have a heads up for yourself that you have an issue with something there, you know?

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Weight Loss Gluten Free Diet

If you can avoid gluten, then do it. What’s with gluten, you may ask. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. While some people are totally allergic to it, others are just intolerant of it. These reactions could bring about irritable bowels, headaches, mood swings, acne and even weight gain. Here are some tips in making gluten-free diet and weight loss go hand in hand.

First, avoid allergens. Gluten is known to be among the most common forms of allergen. That being said, knock off every common allergen if you can. These may include (peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, soy, eggs and dairy as well as gluten, of course. Do this even for a short period of time and observe your body. Then, slowly reintroduce them one at a time and examine the changes in your health.

Why not cut out all the common allergens (peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, soy, eggs and dairy as well as gluten) for a short period of time and examine the health benefits. Then slowly reintroduce these foods one by one and monitor your body for changes.

Be in a high-protein diet. Doing so will crank up your metabolism. It makes your burn more fat. Plus, it makes you feel full for longer, hence dodging the urge to snack in between meals.

While at it, be in a low-carb diet. This will stabilize the sugar in your blood. Get rid of processed sugar, white rice, and alcohol. Have fruits and stay away from starchy vegetables. Go for gluten-free pasta and bread.

Organic whole foods without preservatives must be your go-to food. Foods that are covers in pesticides must be avoided. Also, steer clear of meats that are injected with growth hormones.

As much as you can, exercise. Inject exercises into your lifestyle so it becomes second nature. You may do it one step at a time, and gradually build up the frequency, duration and intensity of your workouts. Do all of these and see the difference.

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Celiac husband with body acne: could GF shampoos and soaps be the answer?

Question by Derp: Celiac husband with body acne: could GF shampoos and soaps be the answer?
Hubby is on a gluten-free diet and uses Proactiv and has noticed a slight change in his body acne. Could using gluten-free shampoo, conditioner, and body wash finally rid him of this acne?
We’re TTC – accutane is out of the question.

Best answer:

Answer by sailor

You don’t say if your husband just started the gluten-free diet or how long he has been on it. External gluten usually doesn’t have an affect on a celiac but if he has dermititis herpetiformis which is also a gluten intolerance, his skin could be reacting to the gluten.

If he just started the gluten-free diet, it could be his body getting better and the skin changing as part of that. If he is just starting out, he may want to try a gluten free multivitamin, an omega 3-6-9 capsules and possibly a vitamin D3 capsule if you live in the northern areas and/or he doesn’t get outside much in the daylight.

And good luck on TTC.

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