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Eating Out Gluten Free!

When you were just recently diagnosed of Gluten intolerance or the like, it may be quite frightening and confusing for you to eat out. Of course, you would know the obvious foods to stay away from. You wouldn’t eat regular breads or pasta. But then a salad comes into the picture, so you start questioning.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - April 29, 2014 at 9:25 am

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How to Save Money on Gluten Free Food

Some of the mainstream foods that people crave for are pizza, burgers, breads, cookies and cereals. Now manufacturers have created this food gluten free and these foods are readily edible and do not require cooking or heating.

There have been notions going around that gluten-free stuff are quite pricier than their regular counterparts. Are they, though? Here’s a video that will give you some insights on how to save money while on a Gluten-Free lifestyle.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - March 26, 2014 at 4:13 pm

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Dairy, Sugar, and Gluten-Free

We know all too well that your choice of food plays a primary part in staying healthy. However, food allergies and sensitivities hold some people back from these food choices.

To the individuals who are affected by this ailment, it can such a bummer when our freedom of choice in food is practically limited

But recent studies have shown that there are many benefits you can reap from removing common allergens such as dairy, processed sugar, and gluten from your diet.

The occurrence of diabetes, celiac disease, and other food sensitivities has been noticeably rising over the past few years. Here are some reasons why you should try living a dairy, sugar, and gluten free lifestyle.

First and foremost, you get to boost your lost energy back up. Majority of the people who have resorted to this kind of lifestyle reportedly gained their liveliness back. This is mainly because with this kind of lifestyle, you are very particular with the food you choose and prefer those that sustain your energy levels and prevent you from energy fluctuations.

Furthermore, you get to restore your digestive system after having suffered from poor digestion due to foods that are loaded with allergens and preservatives that are no good to the digestive tract. This kind of diet also paves way for losing unwanted pounds of fat.

You also give your skin a healthy glow when you eat well as skin conditions are a common reaction to food sensitivities. You rid yourselves of all the acne and rashes that are caused by the response of your immune system to the food you eat.

In addition to all those good stuff, when you implement this healthy diet, you enhance your memory and concentration without having stimulants such as caffeine. Choose foods that have high essential fatty acids that are known to boost concentration and memory.

Gluten Free Handbook

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - March 9, 2014 at 4:17 pm

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Living A Gluten-free Life

If you’re diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you will then have to steer clear of gluten for life. Gluten is the protein in grain-related foods like rye, barley, and wheat. Gluten could bring about an autoimmune reaction which can incur damage in the villi found in the small intestines. If villi are destroyed, you will have a problem absorbing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food that you eat.

Eating is considered as a social activity by many, and it’s obviously a pain in the neck to not be able to dine out freely with your friends and loved ones just because you have a disease. At first, you are likely to yearn for your favorite foods. Vacations are particularly difficult since one of the fun parts in it is the gastronomic adventure.

If you happen to be highly sensitive to gluten, you should be extra careful of cross-contamination when you eat out. It can even take place in restaurants that have staff that are trained in preparing gluten-free foods. It’s suggested you call ahead and bring it up to the chef or manager so as to ensure that they accommodate your problem.

However, if you can’t work with anything in the menu, you can have the chef tailor fit your dish according to your specific need. Salads are a staple in menus, and they are a good choice if you can’t have anything else. You may want to bring your own dressing, as well. You can even bring rice or quinoa pasta into some Italian restaurants and you can ask for them to prepare it.

Traveling through airports is yet another challenge for people with gluten intolerance. Only a few airport restaurants offer gluten-free menu. Better yet, bring your own gluten-free snacks. You wouldn’t want to be sick while traveling, would you?

After a while, after you have learned to live by the gluten-free rules, life gets better. You might miss your favorite foods, but not as much.  You will feel a lot better, and it will make your gluten-free lifestyle worthwhile.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - February 23, 2014 at 9:53 am

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How Not To Deprive Yourself on a Gluten-Free Diet

Are you on the hunt for the best gluten free products? A lot of people are assuming that products and foods for celiac disease or gluten intolerance don’t taste very good. Also, many people think that gluten-free products are very limited, but that’s not necessarily true. However, you should always keep in mind that some gluten-free meals might get contaminated with the wrong preparation or handling.

If you want purely gluten-free meals, you can make your own from scratch using gluten-free products. You can swing by your favorite grocery store and go to the fresh foods section. This way, you can rest assured that your gluten-free purchase is indeed gluten-free. Also, you might want to steer clear of boxed or precooked meals. They almost always contain additives and preservatives so as they would stay tasty, but they tend to contain gluten.

Fruits and vegetables should fill your grocery basket or cart. Buy fruits such as apples, cherries, blueberries, quinces, blackberries, raspberries, acai, tangerine, grapes, watermelons, guavas, lemons, strawberries, limes, pineapples, mangoes, peaches and oranges, among others. Vegetables like green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, celery, potatoes, cucumber, pepper, corn, onions, and lettuce are not so bad either.

Contrary to popular belief, you can always enjoy gluten-free foods that are packed with flavors. Meat and poultry are among the list of the best gluten free stuff. It could be goat, chicken, goose, duck, pork, buffalo, lamb, beef, turkey, veal and quail. You could even have dairy like gluten-free butter, plain yogurt, milk and egg.

If you happen to be quite the baker, among the best gluten free products of flours and grains you may use for your cake include taro flour, amaranth, tapioca flours, sago, almond flour, cotton seed, buckwheat, quinoa, cassava, rice flour, bean flour, rice, corn flour, pea flour and millet.

Whoever said that gluten free diet is any less sumptuous didn’t know where to look. The best gluten free products are very accessible and widely available these days, so it’s that easy to transform meals that you crave into gluten-free recipes.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - November 21, 2013 at 10:59 am

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Elimination and Rotation Diet

A diet composed of whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grains is normally considered healthy, but it’s not always the case. Some people suffer from chronic health problems without them knowing it’s actually that food they eat that’s causing it. Some of them have luckily learned about it and tried to remove particular food from their usual diet and they experienced total relief.

One of the top offenders is gluten. It is a protein found in wheat and related food products, which is known to damage the intestinal lining of those with Celiac Disease.

Those who suffer from digestive problems probably know a thing or two about this particular disease. Approximately 1 in 100 people have it, and many of them are still undiagnosed.

Celiac disease and other types of gluten intolerance have symptoms like fatigue, depression, and diarrhea. Totally getting rid of foods with gluten can bring unimaginable comfort to people with this condition. These remarkable changes in the body, after removing gluten from your diet, can actually be felt and seen even within 72 hours. But to some it takes a little longer to take effects, say, a couple of weeks, perhaps.

Several health problems can be related to food intake, so it’s best you keep track of what you eat especially when the symptoms you are experiencing are following a pattern.

But if your health condition is that difficult to diagnose that even doctors get confused and food log isn’t really helping, there are other options such as elimination or rotation diet.

If you believe that a certain food in your usual diet is the culprit, try to eliminate it. Elimination diet is when you narrow down your intake to a few foods that are least likely to cause these allergic reactions, say, rice. If after two weeks, nothing has changed and you are still suffering from the same symptoms, a new group of foods should be eliminated. If the symptoms go away, new foods should be added in one at a time.

A rotation diet, on the other hand, works by only having a certain food for every 4-5 days, and you should put this in your food log so you’ll be able to keep track of the connection between the food and symptoms.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - September 24, 2013 at 3:14 pm

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How To Properly Use The Gluten-Free Diet In Achieving Weight Loss

One common error committed by people going for a gluten diet in an attempt to lose some weight is expecting to shed pounds almost instantaneously. What they do is switch from devouring a regular sugar-laden treat to devouring a gluten-free alternative, and then they get all too frustrated when the pounds just won’t budge! Your diet must be part of a holistic approach to healthier living.

In this article, you will stumble upon some no nonsense tips in terms of gluten-free dieting. However, like any new regime that concerns health, you’re better off asking your doctor first before you venture into this type of diet.

1. Steer clear of allergens.

Gluten is found to be among the most common type of food allergens. That said, why don’t you keep away from all the common allergens (peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, soy, eggs and dairy) for a while altogether and observe all the effects. After doing so, you can do progressive but slow reintroduction of these foods one at a time.

2. Go for high-protein food.

Boost your metabolism by having big portions of protein in your meals. When your metabolism rate is high, you tend to burn more fat. In addition to that, protein is known to help one feel full for a longer time.

3. Choose low-carb.

Opt for a low carb diet so you can steady your blood sugar level. Keep away from processed sugar, alcohol, and white rice. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits are your best bet.

4. Opt for organic.

Eat organic whole foods with no preservatives as much as you possibly can. A lot of fruit and vegetables are basking in pesticides. You don’t want that. Animal meat that’s genetically modifies using growth hormones or those that have been given too much antibiotics are also a no-no.

5. Exercise more.

If you’re not crazy about exercising, just try walking for 20 minutes three times a week. Work this into your lifestyle and you’ll get used to it in no time. Start small and slowly build up the frequency, duration and intensity of your workouts.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - August 28, 2013 at 1:57 pm

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Yummy Gluten-Free Treats

Gluten is referred to as a protein derivative found in grains. It’s no surprise that people that tend to have hypersensitivity to such type of protein. This condition has a medical name of Celiac disease. The individuals who abstain from eating Gluten can still enjoy foods that are gluten-free.

Gluten is defined as a protein molecule that is usually found in grains such as rye, wheat and even barley. It is a typical ingredient in foods such as breads, cereals and yes, grain items. There are alternatives to such foods that are deemed gluten-free and those include rice, corn, soybeans and oats, among others.

Those who are hypersensitive to gluten can be really pestered by the allergies that this protein can cause to the body.  They can dodge this complication by not having foods that are gluten-laden. People have a specific notion that to be able to dodge being plagued by this disease is that they can just lessen their sweets consumption, but that is so not true. One can still bask in treats and desserts that are gluten-free particularly when food consumption is at its peak such as the Holidays and different seasons.

For instance, fruit salads can still be the healthy choice and besides that they are not that expensive and can be prepared easily. All you need to do is find fresh fruits and cut them into convenient bite sizes and put in extra flavors that can be given by juices or syrups. Fruits that are tossed in the salad should be of roughly the same sizes.

Besides this delightful treat, you can go for Pavlova. It is a kind of meringue that is intricately prepared which is typically served during big events.  It is just meringue that you let cool down and it is filled with your favorite fruits and creams.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - August 23, 2013 at 2:16 pm

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Truth About Grains, Clinical Nutrition: Whole Grain Bread, Gluten Free & Celiac | Truth Talks

Truth About Grains, Clinical Nutrition: Whole Grain Bread, Gluten Free & Celiac | Truth Talks

You love grains. You love eating gluten-laden food. And you’re wondering why you’re hearing so many things about people steering clear of the foods you swear by.

Watch this video and answer those questions you have been asking forever.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - August 14, 2013 at 8:00 am

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Wrong Practices That Make People on Gluten-Free Diet Gain Weight

Some people, albeit unnecessary, go for gluten-free diet just to shed some unwanted pounds. Turns out, there are those who end up gaining weight instead.

First, it’s because of gluten-free junk food. Just because a certain food is labeled gluten free does not necessarily make it healthy. Truth be told, due to these foods tending to have a blander taste compared to their non-gluten free alternatives, a lot of manufacturers put fillers in these foods to make up for the flavors. Just keep in mind that junk food is junk food, regardless of the type of diet you are on.

Second, exercise, or lack thereof, is to be blamed. If you’re not getting any exercise, you are likely to find it hard to lose weight. You’re actually more prone to gain weight. We need to burn fat and build muscle. No diet is going to do that for you.

Any type of exercise is better that not getting any at all. It is far better to have at least fifteen minutes of moderate exercise that just bum around in the couch all day. With moderate and consistent exercise, you will then be able to gradually increase your intensity and time period of your workout.

Not getting enough fiber can also be the culprit behind your weight gain despite the gluten-free diet. Fiber is known to help people shed weight. It does this because when you eat foods rich in fiber you tend to get full quicker than if you were to eat starchy or sugar based foods. Plus fiber will help you clear out your system.

However, among the major dilemmas concerning a gluten free diet, all things being equal, it almost always has much less fiber. That being said, people will be apt to gain weight on such a diet because they are not getting the necessary fiber.

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