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Gluten-Free Party

Woohoo party! Yay gluten-free party! Wait, what?

Most people would instantly cringe at the thought of going to a gluten-free party. Bland and boring foods are the things they can get off the top of their heads. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that!

A little creativity goes a long way! You can research or ask around for great party tips, and try modifying them and make them gluten-free! Here are some ideas.

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - November 19, 2013 at 10:10 am

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Gluten-Free Birthdays

Even gluten-free birthday parties can be a heck lot of fun! Before you even take the cake into account, you’ll have to consider the gluten-free meal.

A barbeque is totally gluten friendly. However, you must be cautious with sauces and condiments. Such food stuff typically have wheat starch in them. You can eliminate rolls or buy the gluten-free ones. Burgers and hotdogs are always winners for the kids. Fruit kebobs are a refreshing “safe” choice after grilling.

Do-it-yourself sundaes aren’t so bad, either. You can omit the cones and have plenty of flavors and topping in hand. You can customize an ice cream party to avoid most allergies (wheat free dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free).

In a children’s party, food only accounts for a small part. Kids are always in it for fun. Always think about the things that you know would make your child jump in joy, along with his friends.

A simple pin the tail on the donkey will remain a classic. Some kids enjoy arts and crafts or sports activities. It need not be expensive or extravagant or ostentatious, for that matter. It can be just a simple good clean fun.

Decorations are yet another non-food way to make the party such a hit. Brightly colored streamers, balloons, tablecloths, paper goods all scream PARTY. Of course, picking the theme and color scheme should involve your child. He should always have a say in it.

Remind your kid that albeit it’s his birthday, everyone invited to the festivity should enjoy and feel special, as well. Have him help you in preparing the party bags for his guests. Getting presents is the bomb but giving has its own unique charm.

We only get to celebrate our birthday once a year. That said, be sure to let your child celebrate who he really is on his special day.

Gluten Free Handbook

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Posted by Chloe Boggs - September 25, 2013 at 3:05 pm

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Party food ideas for celiac disease?

Question by answergrl239: Party food ideas for celiac disease?
I need some quick recipes or things you can buy (preferably buy) that is ok for people with celiac disease to eat. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Anama

What age group are we talking here? and how much prep?
There is always chips and salsa. Go here for chips:
Then the old stand by of fresh fruit and veggie platter. For the fruit dip use stoneyfield yogurt (cert. gf) or honey. For the veggies go here and scroll down to the gluten free/celiac info:

gf olives from jars, NOT the olive bar, arranged on a platter are always good. Avoid the bluecheese stuffed ones (it can be grown on a wheat medium). If you have a Wegman’s or Whole foods nearby they usually mark stuff as being gf.

For food you can always do wings (make your own though) baked in Kraft italian dressing, hot sauce (check labels) and other salad dressings.
There are just a ton of things to make, too many to write out. There isn’t a lot of prepared party type stuff, so be ready to cook. Please be sure not to get the gluteny stuff too close to the non-gluten stuff to avoid cross contamination. I tend to keep things on seperate tables to avoid that situation, or go totally gluten free.
For other ideas go here:

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Posted by GlutenFree - August 3, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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