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The Gluten-Free Diet Trend

Some years back, say the word gluten and it wouldn’t ring anybody’s bell. Good thing it is now known across the world that gluten is a protein that cause digestive problems. People who are sensitive to this protein need to be on a gluten-free diet for the rest of their lives. But some people nowadays who aren’t even the slightest bit sensitive to gluten opt for a gluten-free diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wheat and other related food products are the main sources of gluten. Their grains contain this particular substance that makes the bread fluffy and chewable. But gluten is the main culprit why celiac patients are suffering big time. Studies have shown that less 1% of people have severely suffered from its detrimental effects and around 8% have been affected fairly.

Even Hollywood celebrities are joining in on the trend as Actress Gwyneth Paltrow claims that this diet helped here overcome her Vitamin D deficiency. The evolution of gluten-free diet is really happening and we can strongly feel its impact on us.

May restaurateurs have changed altered their menus to be able to offer gluten-free dishes. Gluten-free recipe books are found almost in every rack.

Majority of the people who have totally given up gluten are claiming to have felt better than they ever did, the consumer market is the hard proof. Since 2005, the number of consumers of gluten-free products is on the rise, and it’s growing by the minute.

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Can going gluten free make you sick?

Question by Priscilla: Can going gluten free make you sick?
I went gluten free about 7 days ago to see if I have celiac disease. I need to be on this trial for a month. At first I was seeing some improvements in my health but now I am really hungry and sick to my stomach when I don’t eat.

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Answer by fibrohubby
It could be that your body is adjusting, or has become more sensitive to small amount of gluten you are ingesting. My wife has been gluten free for almost two months. The first week or two she felt much better, but more recently she seems to have reactions to even the smallest amount of gluten. I would suggest checking all your food, cosmetics and medications/vitamins for hidden gluten, and maybe keep a food journal to pinpoint what might be making you feel worse.

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