The Pulse 3.33: Celiac Disease

Welcome to the Pulse Three-Point-Thirty-Three: In this episode look at a disease that affects over 2 million people in the United States alone — Celiac Disease. Celiac is a disease of the small intestine, causing an inability to absorb certain proteins that come primarily from wheat products.

Celiac is relevant because it affects so many Americans. But lately, it’s been making headlines because new research shows Celiac disease is on the rise, especially among the elderly. The latest research challenges the assumption that celiac was thought to mainly develop during childhood. In this study, as participants aged, the incidence of celiac disease rose, suggesting environmental factors may cause people over time to lose their tolerance for gluten, which triggers the disease.

In this first video you’ll hear from Gerry. Before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Gerry says he would schedule a bathroom break fifteen to twenty minutes immediately after eating. He talks about how the diagnosis has brought a sense of relief and cured many of his uncomfortable symptoms. To cope with the strict diet – free of all gluten products – Gerry carries a card that says he has celiac and lists the kinds of ingredients he can’t have.

Gerry is a great example of someone who is much better off knowing his Celiac Disease diagnosis. He is much happier living his day-to-day life without gluten in his diet. But, a lot of people still have unanswered questions about Celiac disease. For example

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