Tips For A Celiac Disease Newbie

You feel a little odd lately. You think that there is something that sets you off your usual pace. You decide to visit the doctor just to see what’s up. There you are examined along with a holistic assessment of your entire being. Minutes later, you come out of the doctors room with a newly diagnosed condition called Celiac Disease. You feel like you have just been bombarded with lots of things. You are dumbfounded about what to do and where to start. So here are some basic tips in order to survive a life where you have to live with Celiac Disease.

Tip Number 1 – No To Wheat. Celiac Disease is a condition of the digestive system which requires being free from a protein called gluten which is found in most foodstuff. The most popular gluten rich product is wheat. The least of your priorities is to cause damage to your intestines. So better do away with wheat if you still want to live.

Tip Number 2 – Yes To Other Whole Grains. Given that you are not allowed to have any wheat based food, you can always opt for other whole grain products. Examples of which are corn and oats. However, this is not true to all. Some patients can tolerate them while others cant. Just see for yourself.

Tip Number 3 – Go For Gluten Free Breads. It is a fact that wheat and flour are ingredients used to make bread. But with the consideration to this condition, alternatives are already available in the market wherein the breads were created with wheat and flour excluded from the recipe.

Tip Number 4 – Go For Fruits, Vegetables and Meat. Most vegetables are safe to eat as well as fruits in general are often okay. They can be cooked however you want. Just keep in mind that the additives you will put in are also gluten free. When it comes to meat, since you cannot deem the protein from other food useful, then you can definitely acquire protein from meat. It is safe to eat poultry products too.

See? That was not so bad after all. The key to survival is knowing how to combat the enemy and in the end emerge as a winner. You may be diagnosed with Celiac Disease but at least you are still enjoying the food you eat.

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