Understanding Celiac Disease Better

Celiac disease is oftentimes called celiac sprue. But different people call it different names. It can also be referred to as gluten sensitive enteropathy. Enteropathy in definition states as a disease of the small intestine. In this case, the small intestine is sensitive to a protein known as gluten. In the past where little was still known about this condition, the old folks named it nontropical sprue and even idiopathic steatorrhea.

Basically, it is an illness that destroys the small intestine and at the same time gets in the way of the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals coming from the food taken in. Persons with this disorder is intolerant to a certain protein called gluten which is found to be rich in rye, wheat and barley. It is also used as an ingredient to bind and stabilize a certain recipe. Yes it is oftentimes seen in foodstuff but it is also present in other items such as medicines, vitamins and adhesive.

In terms of letting a child know about what this disorder is all about, remember to take in simple terms. Like for example, the doctor discovered that their tummy is not feeling well and that some food is bad for the tummy. Therefore, the child must refrain from hurting the tummy by avoiding those bad guys which in this case are the food.

One obstacle faced by celiac disease is the manner of diagnosing it. Signs and symptoms may vary from one person to another. There is a little chance for two persons to have the same exact series of symptoms. Common things that may occur are diarrhea while others feel constipated. Others may have diabetes, headache, fatigue and a few more conditions here and there.

Despite the growing awareness of the society with regards to this condition, experts still stick to one belief. And that belief is that the only cure for Celiac disease is through staying away from the cause of the problem. Living a gluten free life may not be the way one would wish to be. But with the help of the doctors as well as the availability of gluten free food in the market, it will not be so hard to bear anymore.

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