United States – Increase in the Production of Gluten-free Foods and Drinks

Do you consider yourself to be Gluten-free? The term connotes a wide variety of food and beverage companies that has transitioned from underground and a special aspect into a mainstream issue in just a few years. Gluten-free has been the flagship campaign of millions of Americans that has been successful in cutting and even eliminating their consumption of gluten-rich foods such as wheat, rhye, barley and oats.

In fact, the demand of millions of consumers has suddenly surged in the market in search for foods and beverages that are gluten-free. These people have been caring for their health since excessive gluten in the body can result in to the development of celiac disease which is a type of food allergy. People have sought after a gluten-free diet that proves to be a factor in preventing the development of medical illnesses such as autism in children to arthritis that occur mainly in adults. Some people have even pointed out that they tend to feel better by just consuming a gluten-free diet. In a recent online survey conducted on the behalf of gluten-free foods and beverages in the United States have revealed that the purchase of gluten-free foods have skyrocketed and seemed very effective that their conventional counterparts. The recent increase in the awareness of gluten-free foods have been accepted with good and supportive reception in the United States as well in many big countries.

Gluten-free foods have become a mainstream choice and certain health oriented programs such as Bob Red Mill as well as Amy’s Kitchen have really committed into the mass production of reliably gluten-free foods. This has brought an increase of 2.6 billion dollars in beverage revenue that has been considered to be as much as 30% of growth just in the period of 2006-2010.

The recent resurgence of increasing number of people diagnosed with celiac disease and more food allergies has resulted into people becoming more health conscious and has benefited people that come from different walks of life. This also has been beneficial for companies since it has been projected that by 2015 their revenue will reach a total of 5 billion dollars.

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