What are the effects of Celiac disease?

Question by jot s: What are the effects of Celiac disease?
What effects, both short term and long term does eating gluten have? Can you heal your body after years of eating gluten?

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Answer by sailor
The long term effects of having celiac disease is an increased chance of cancer in the intestines and a few other rates increase. Also whatever symptoms you have will also keep on going as you expose yourself to gluten. In the short term, hopefully whatever symptoms you have would clear up as your intestines return to normal from the damage sustained.

If you go gluten free and stay with the diet, then your intestines will heal and depending on the severity of the damage, you will return to the normal chances of getting cancer or anything else.

I wasn’t diagnosed with CD til I was in my 50s and after about a year, felt the healthiest I think I had ever felt. I stay gluten free and follow on tests have shown that everything appears normal.

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