What can I top Gluten free doughnuts with?

Question by Fish: What can I top Gluten free doughnuts with?
I’m looking to make some gluten free doughnuts and take them into work (one of m colleagues is coeliac), because we seem to like to show how well we can bake. I have found a recipe which requires not many ingredients.

However I’m a bit conscience about taste or texture (the recipe suggests to serve them warm, but in these circumstances they’ll be eaten cold). So would it be possible to top them with chocolate or icing or something?

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Answer by Tel
Any icing is going to contain confectioner sugar. In confectioners is a bit of corn starch.
I’m not too sure of the gluten content of corn,but as you cannot make bread with it without adding regular flour I’m thinking it is pretty low. But, you may want to give them a call to see if it is something on thier diet lists.
A simple roll in the confectioners should be great
If they cannot tolerate the corn starch, just put some plain white sugar through a food processor to make it super fine sugar, and dust with that. Super fine sugar should be available at the local market on the baking isle. A Bar supply store may also carry it as it is commonly used by Bartenders who need to add sweetening to mixed drinks as it disolves much quicker.
For a bit of flavor try mixing a bit of cocoa or cinnamon with the sugar

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