What Could I sell at a Celiac Awareness Lemonade Stand? (Besides Lemonade)?

jellyberrygirl123 Asked: What Could I sell at a Celiac Awareness Lemonade Stand?(Besides Lemonade)?

What could we sell at Celiac Disease Awareness Lemonade Stand besides lemonade? We are planning on making things gluten free, of course. The location we are doing it has quite a few Celiacs, and it seemed to fit the cause. My little cousin and I are Celiacs so we wanted to make a difference and donate the money to research on it. We want to take a lot of money, therefore we have to making it unique, and we’re doing it in the summer, so we have to be different so they will go to our lemonade stand not another like just down the street. We were going to sell Lemonade, Water, maybe soda, Gluten Free pastries maybe (cookies,mini-cupcakes, and brownies) do you know anything we could add to make us seen, and get more buyers? We are going to make a sign, but normally people just see a sign and still drive by. What could we sell or do that will make us earn a lot of money for research, and get a ton of people?
I really appreciate it.


Shannon Donegan Answered:
im so sorry i cant help but kudos to you and ur brother for doing that u guys are incredible
Nikki P Answered:
Why not make a easy to carry snack that you like.There are plenty of recipes for gluten free items but how about snacks that would be easy to make and carry to school.Give recipes to moms that will be packing lunches for their kids in the fall or possibly for camp.
Some of the Chex Cereals are gluten free so a mix made from them would be easy to do. there is a recipe at Allrecipes for a gluten free mix that has the flavors of a Snickerdoodle. There are other recipes for spicy mixes as well.
I did a quick search for gluten free chex mix recipe and there were quite a few.

The snack idea is pretty handy because kids and adults can take snacks to a party and not feel like they are missing out on the munchie stuff.

Good Luck with the lemonade stand.

Sugar Pie Answered:
Iced Tea
Raspberry or Strawberry Lemonades
Rice Krispy Treats
Chocolate Bars
fresh fruit (pieces, washed, or a pretty salad in clear punch cups)

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