What does it mean to be Gluten free?

Question by Hope B: What does it mean to be Gluten free?
And what do I need to eliminate in order to have a gluten free diet? What is ok to eat?

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Answer by tiggsy

You have to eliminate wheat, barley, rye and a few other more obscure grains, and all derivatives of them, like flour, soy sauce, malt, wheat germ, bran…

Everything is ok to eat, except these few items. Unfortunately, wheat in particular is found in almost all processed foods, so you have to start eating more natural food – fresh meat and fish without sauces or coatings (except ones you make with gluten free ingredients), fresh fruit and vegetables in their natural state or cooked without glutinous additives, dairy products like cheese and yoghurt (but not low fat varieties, unless they are marked gluten free). There are no “normal” breakfast cereals that are gluten free that I know of. You can get some in health stores, though.

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