What is the big deal with gluten-free foods?

Question by D-Writes rich words for poor souls.: What is the big deal with gluten-free foods?
From my understanding, gluten only affects a small population of people yet when I walk in health food stores gluten-free seems to be the main theme.

Thank you both for the great answers! I just don’t get the craze.LOL I would think Organic would be a good enough theme…

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Answer by Raelyn
Though only a small percentage of people show severe intolerance to gluten, it is, nevertheless, a protein that is hard on the digestive system and may cause damage slowly over time. Modern wheat is much higher in gluten than the wheat cultivated by humans for centuries. Gluten-free items are made from rice flour and potato starch and generally taste like cardboard. I don’t eat baked goods or pasta at all, but if I did, I would eat products made from spelt, an ancient grain related to wheat but with far less gluten.

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