what makes gluten free baking different?

SM22 Asked: what makes gluten free baking different?

like what do you swap out for what in a recipe for a cake?


Allison Blackwell Answered:
I work with GF students and I have a cousin who’s deathly allergic to gluten, and currently I’m studying to be a certified gluten free chef. I hope the info I pass on helps you: 

Removing gluten from your flour also removes the elasticity in your baked goods. This elasticity is what gives you the “sponginess” of bread. Without replacing something for the gluten, your breads will turn out dry and dusty with very little to no rising. Several products such as Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum can be used to replace this stretch factor.

Removing all types of wheat, rye, barley and often oats from your baking is possible by just substituting your regular flour for a gluten free flour blend(s). Flours which are free of gluten include corn, rice, potato, soy, chestnut, buckwheat, millet, garbanzo (also known as chickpea, gram or channa), tapioca, or sorghum flour.

Betty Crocker now produces gluten-free cake mixes, about $4 a box. Bob’s Red Mill and King Arthur offer gluten free cake flour and mixes. All these products are available in the majority of grocery stores either in the baking aisle or special diets aisle.


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