Where should I go for Gluten Free food in Paris?

Question by Keller: Where should I go for Gluten Free food in Paris?
My girlfriend has celiac disease (an allergy to wheat, flour, etc) and thus cannot eat pasta, bread, and many other common foods. Can anyone suggest restaurants with gluten-free options or health food stores where she can buy food while we are in Paris?

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Answer by oldeststudent2004
This is less of a problem now than previously. There are street markets in many neighborhoods, including some outdoor organic food markets. For example, there is a market on Blvd Richard Lenoir near the Bastille or Chemin Vert metro stops. Another is very near the Pantheon on selected days. There is a huge organic market (that my wife and I did not visit) at Batignolles (near Rome metro stop) but it is only open one or two days each week. There is a nice smaller street market with a variety of goods — mainly food — on Rue du Turrenne near Filles du Calvaire or Republique. I forget what days it is open. It is mostly regular shops augmented by some street vendors. The larger regular groceries (Shopi, Franprix) carry some organic goods and I was able to find the things I needed (soy milk, soy yogurt, etc.) there. That was totally not the case 20 years ago. Also, there is a huge (really huge) epicurean market next to Bon Marche in the 6th or 7th arrondissement and it carries darn near everything. It is unfortunately rather expensive.

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