Will you have to go on a gluten free diet just if you are borderline celiac?

Question by Summer Lover: Will you have to go on a gluten free diet just if you are borderline celiac?

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Answer by Shauna
Yup, because the term ‘borderline celiac’ is only used by extremely ignorant doctors. Saying borderline celiac is like saying borderline pregnant – there is only one direction this is heading.

Basically, it means that your damage isn’t too bad now. And you don’t WANT the damage to get bad, because a lot of that damage? It’s irreversible. The gut may heal if it becomes more damaged – may, I say, because some people’s guts never fully heal – but it’s the problems done to your body by the nutritional deficiencies that you can’t always recover from.

My father, for example, ended up having his joints destroyed because of this, as well as his spine. he was forced to use a cane in his thirties and is in constant pain now.

I had two issues because of this. First, the constant lower level of nutrients aged my skin prematurely. In my thirties I was being asked if I wanted a Senior discount because I looked so much older. Second, for me, was my lowered immune system. Without enough nutrients, my immune system made me essentially immuno-compromised. I caught a disease that is usually not a huge deal, but because I didn’t have enough nutrients my immune system couldn’t fight it off properly. It invaded other systems of my body so that I had trouble walking for 9 months. There is no cure, so even though I finally got it into remission, the symptoms of this the disease can recur at any time for the rest of my life, especially during stress or if I have a severe enough illness to require antibiotics.

So borderline celiac disease is fine as a diagnosis, but all it means is that you have a chance, now, to save your body from pain, suffering, and permanent damage, if you go gluten free. Any doctor who says that you can stay on gluten needs to re-educate themselves about Celiac Disease, ASAP.

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