Wrong Practices That Make People on Gluten-Free Diet Gain Weight

Some people, albeit unnecessary, go for gluten-free diet just to shed some unwanted pounds. Turns out, there are those who end up gaining weight instead.

First, it’s because of gluten-free junk food. Just because a certain food is labeled gluten free does not necessarily make it healthy. Truth be told, due to these foods tending to have a blander taste compared to their non-gluten free alternatives, a lot of manufacturers put fillers in these foods to make up for the flavors. Just keep in mind that junk food is junk food, regardless of the type of diet you are on.

Second, exercise, or lack thereof, is to be blamed. If you’re not getting any exercise, you are likely to find it hard to lose weight. You’re actually more prone to gain weight. We need to burn fat and build muscle. No diet is going to do that for you.

Any type of exercise is better that not getting any at all. It is far better to have at least fifteen minutes of moderate exercise that just bum around in the couch all day. With moderate and consistent exercise, you will then be able to gradually increase your intensity and time period of your workout.

Not getting enough fiber can also be the culprit behind your weight gain despite the gluten-free diet. Fiber is known to help people shed weight. It does this because when you eat foods rich in fiber you tend to get full quicker than if you were to eat starchy or sugar based foods. Plus fiber will help you clear out your system.

However, among the major dilemmas concerning a gluten free diet, all things being equal, it almost always has much less fiber. That being said, people will be apt to gain weight on such a diet because they are not getting the necessary fiber.

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