A question about Celiac Disease and pregnancy?

Question by grapefruitsam: A question about Celiac Disease and pregnancy?
So I am not ttc, but I was diagnosed with celiac’s disease last May and recently came across an article that discussed higher rates of miscarriages and pregnancy complications in people who have celiac’s. It seemed that most of these problems were in people who were not properly diagnosed and were still eating gluten. If anyone has any personal experience or information on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve always wanted a family =)

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Answer by Lisa
One of my best friends has celiac, and she was pregnant twice before she was diagnosed. I don’t think she had any miscarriages, but her first was born over a month early, and with her second, she was in the hospital on bed rest for months with pre-term labor. He ended up being born early as well. The kids are 9 and 7 now with no complications at all. Since you’ve already been diagnosed with celiac, you and your doctor should be able to take better precautions than she was able to. Best of luck to you! 🙂

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