Avoiding Cross-Contamination in a Gluten-Free Kitchen

If you have a passion for cooking especially for your family, you probably spend major quality time with the kitchen. Why certainly, you always see to it that their wishes are your command. That said, you always want to make sure that you have everything you need when you go do grocery shopping. However, when a member of your family suffers from Celiac Disease, your ways around the kitchen might be a little tweaked from the normal. In this article, you will learn some remarkable tips on avoiding cross contamination in your own kitchen.

After getting the diagnosis from a doctor about the condition of a certain member of your family, inform each and everyone in the family about it and about how a strict gluten-free diet for him/her must be implemented. This is essential because full support and understanding are needed in coping. Without further delay, separate food parcels and kitchen cabinet must be provided.

If the Celiac is a child, gluten-free foods must be in accessible and reachable areas of the house. Put some striking stickers and tags on jars that have gluten-free foods in them. You must also put labels on jars of butter, margarine, peanut butter and jelly accordingly. This is to separate the jars of the Celiac sufferer and to dodge the chances of having left over crumbs that could actually trigger assertive reaction of the disease.

Your kitchen must have available different colanders, cooking utensils, eating utensils and cooking pans in order to separate the kitchen wares for preparing gluten free meals from the regular ones. More to these, your kitchen must have two separate chopping or cutting boards, oven toasters, and colanders, so to prevent your celiac family member to unintentionally eat gluten, such as instances like bread crumbs of gluten containing bread are being left in the oven toaster and such crumbs stick to the gluten free bread, and then eaten by the Celiac.

Each family member must carry out their roles in order to achieve a gluten-free kitchen totally. Design specific roles to every family member. Also, have a reminder of the do’s and don’ts in the kitchen so as to enable everyone to stick to your gluten-free kitchen policies.

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