Can Celiac people drink alcohol?

Question by farmerlady3: Can Celiac people drink alcohol?
I have Celiac disease but i would like to drink at a time in my life I can’t buy beer yet but can I drink vodka or anything else? Is there gluten in it? Is alcohol gluten?

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Answer by zotdirector

You should avoid alcohols that are made with gluten containing ingredients. Basically you should avoid all beers. Alcohol is not gluten or even close, gluten is a protein and alcohol is well an alcohol. But since beer is made with wheat or barely which contain gluten they are to be avoided. Some hard liquors may also be made with gluten containing products but they are distilled so much that there will be practically 0 gluten left in them. If you are still worried these liquors may be made from grains

Grain Alcohol

You’re safe with Rum, Tequila or Brandy. Also any wines should be fine.

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