Can I take homemade Gluten Free food into Fiji?

Mick Asked: Can I take homemade Gluten Free food into Fiji?

We are heading to Fiji in a couple of days and wondering if anyone knows if I can take in homemade gluten free bread, biscuits and loaf as I can’t imagine they would cater very well for GF at the supermarkets? We have a self contained apartment so will be cooking mostly at home. Also, has anyone had success at taking cheeses or sealed meat in, for example smoked salmon or is that an absolutely no, no… I just notice someone else mentioning they managed to take in dairy unscathed…? Thanks in advance


Mark Answered:
No, you can’t.
Wabby Answered:
When I went to Samoa I took gluten free bread with me. 

I wouldn’t recommend taking meats and cheeses in. That’s asking for trouble.

If you have Celiac Disease you could get a letter from your doctor.


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