Gluten antibodies and Celiac Disease question?

Question by Badriya: Gluten antibodies and Celiac Disease question?
I’m just wondering about the process of being diagnosed with CD. I know a blood test is usually done first to check for antibodies to gluten. If found, I’ve read they do a biopsy. My question…why do the biopsy? What other condition would produce antibodies to gluten? And if there are any, wouldn’t the treatment be the same? Just trying to avoid an unnecessary procedure – if possible!


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Answer by Glutenfreegirl
Hi! I hope I can help.
Sadly there are several reasons the ENDOSCOPY with biopsy (be sure its an endo, not a colonoscopy) is the gold standard.
For one, some people with Celiac are IGG and IGA deficient. Those are only two of the antibodies they test for in Celiac. But if you don’t make those antibodies, you will ALWAYS test negative for Celiac in blood tests yet you still have it.

Secondly, other common allergies can cause IGG and IGA levels to go up. Those antibodies just show that your body is reacting wrong to something–could be an allergy, could be an intolerance or Celiac Disease.

Thirdly, labs can be wrong! They not do the right test, they can do it wrong, or the patient may not have eaten enough gluten to make the test right (if u have Celiac u have to eat gluten for the blood test or endoscopy to be right so they can see the damage.)

The endoscopy is the best way bc it allows the doc (who needs to be an EXPERIENCED GI with celiac understanding). to see how much damage is done, or if there could be other reasons than Celiac for your issues.

That being said, not every Celiac has a positive diagnosis at all! I mean, some ppl do not have access to such tests nor can they afford it, so they do the elimination diet and self diagnose themselves Celiac (not recommended) or they do genetic testing. Genetic testing is fairly accurate but it only tells u IF you carry the genes for Celiac, not whether u actually have an active case or how much damage is done.

I was diagnosed by blood work only and chose to avoid the scope for financial reasons and bc of pregnancy or other issues. The blood tests were positive for me and the diet works so that’s all the answer I need!

I hope that helps! feel free to email me for more help or use these links!

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