Gluten free food ideas?

Lin Asked: Gluten free food ideas?

I’m just beginning a gluten free diet due to my gluten allergy but the thing is, I don’t know any simple meals.  I’m only 17 so I need quick and easy meal ideas for myself.If possible, list foods that are cheap as well, I might have to buy a lot of the things myself and I have a budget -_-


androidfruitcake Answered:
Did you know Hunt’s snack pack puddings are gluten free? I just learned that. Good snack option! They are only around 1$ for a 4 pack.

darthbouncy Answered:
It might be worth looking into a menu planning site. A friend of mine has severe gluten allergies and a few years ago he and his partners found a website called g-free. This has helped them eat healthy meals that they can all enjoy. Many of the recipes are also fairly quick. I’ve been using their sister site relishrelish for a year now and it has been delicious and helpful..definitely worth the cost. Talk to your parents about it if you’re still living at home.

12345 Answered:
Well, unless you want to buy exotic grains and flours, the best gluten free grain is rice. Try making a pilaf or risotto.

Save the Wild Answered:
rice noodles. you can get them almost anywhere. they taste great too. you can make cookies really easily using brown rice flour and starch, they taste the same as regular cookies. in my experience, with gluten free baking, things tend to come out better if you use a gluten free flour mix, than a regular food recipe. rice crackers, corn chips, meat, fruit, veggies. really, pre-packaged food has alot of gluten in things that don’t even need it, so none of that. trader joes!!!!! healthy and ALOT of gluten free things, certified gluten free things. they also have gluten free mixes for brownies and other things. i think betty crocker has gluten free cake and cookie mixes too. almost all grocery stores, now have a gluten free part of their baking isle. go take a look. and gluten free bread is usually kept in the freezer isle. Uti’s is the best brand of bread, it almost is better than regular bread! good luck 8-]

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