How many of you have Celiac disease or a wheat allergy? What’s the hardest part for you?

Question by Serena M: How many of you have Celiac disease or a wheat allergy? What’s the hardest part for you?
I was diagnosed 6 months ago with Celiac disease. There have been a lot of different struggles, but the hardest part for me is the fear of eating anywhere but home. I’d like to know what your experiences have been and how you’ve gotten through them.

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Answer by mcmufin
I know how you feel. I was diagnosed in 2003. Eating out is challenging at times, but doable, even in an Italian restaurant (and there is some REALLY GOOD Italian food that is naturally gluten-free).

First, knowledge is your friend. Learn the safe and forbidden ingredients at the websites listed below. That way you’ll know what you shouldn’t even consider ordering.

Second, never be worried about saying to someone “I don’t mean to be difficult, but have a severe reaction to certain types of food …” as a preface for asking your friend to explain what’s in her “secret” recipe or for a waiter to check with the kitchen on whether you can eat something. Also, feel free to use that as an excuse to make substitutions, even if a waiter tells you substitutions aren’t allowed. Restaurants want your business and their managers know that you wil not visit them if you cannot eat their food.

Third, if you’re going to a social event where food will be served (weddings, business parties, etc.), there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating before you go and then just nibbling on safe foods while you’re at the event.

Finally, explore types of foods you’ve never tried before. Many cultures use no gluten-containing foods in many dishes. There are recipes and food blogs all over the web that can help you.

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