How To Eat Gluten-Free… The Official Guide – 2012 (Elegantly Gluten-Free Survival Series)

How To Eat Gluten-Free… The Official Guide – 2012 (Elegantly Gluten-Free Survival Series)

How To Eat Gluten-Free... The Official Guide - 2012 (Elegantly Gluten-Free Survival Series)

My life changed immensely once I was diagnosed as actually having Celiac disease. It seemed like I was in a prison.

Not being able to eat gluten anymore was really hard. Because, other than fresh fruits and vegetables and some meat/fish, just about everything that I bought for my family to eat had at least some gluten in it or was contaminated by gluten at some point in the production process.

It was a very hard time for me. Not only couldn’t I share my favorite foods with my family anymore, I also had to cook what I ate separately and make sure that it didn’t get contaminated by what my best friends in the whole world were eating.

The culture shock and psychological effect of the disease on my life were devastating.

Simple things like going to the store to buy food now became a burden. No one thought in terms of “Gluten-Free” back then.

When I went to the store to buy groceries, there was almost no information on the labels that really helped me to figure out what I could and couldn’t buy for myself to eat so a lot of it was by trial and error. And “trial and error” basically meant “If I got sick after I ate something, it wasn’t gluten-free.”

My best resources were a binder of notes from the registered dietician who had talked to me about eating gluten-free and some Xeroxed copies of recipes shared with us by a few other celiacs we knew. That was pretty much it.

Today, although there is more information available and awareness of the “gluten problem” has increased to the point that some stores are starting to offer a limited number of “gluten-free” foods and snacks, the same problems remain…

… I and countless other gluten sensitive and gluten intolerant individuals must still go to the grocery store to buy food that we can safely eat and that will hopefully taste good too.

You can find a lot more information about living and eating gluten-free today than I had available in 2000. But, there is still very little available that pulls it all together well enough to be easily used when you are leaning how to identify and buy “safe” foods or when you are pushing your grocery cart down the aisle at the store surrounded by literally tons of gluten-laden products.

And, that’s the “why for” for this short book. I want to help you and others like you avoid the kind of problems that I lived through.

This book is designed to teach the basic principles of gluten-free food selection without your needing to vomit, get diarrhea, miss work or succumb to any of the list of devastating and sometimes fatal diseases that eventually develop in a percentage of the people who have unmanaged gluten-intolerance sickness.

This book covers important topics like:

– What the FDA’s Labeling Law compliance enforcement will and won’t do to protect gluten intolerant individuals from gluten contamination.
– Cross-contamination and how to avoid it.
– What manufacturers consider “safe” levels of gluten contamination and how that may affect you or the gluten intolerant individuals that you prepare food for.
– A list of Safe Foods. Foods that you usually will be able to eat without serious side-effects.
– A list of Unsafe Foods. Foods that you MUST avoid, no matter what!
– Rules to follow to help determine what you can and can’t eat at home or away from home (like in restaurants).
– Plus, I’ve included a special bonus section which includes 5 super-important questions and answers for gluten sensitive and gluten intolerant individuals from my soon to be released new book called

Gluten-Free Food… For Some, It’s Not A Choice… It’s A Life Saver!

– And, finally, I’ve included a reprint of my informative article about gluten intolerance and its long-term effects called “Gluten Intolerance, A Silent And Vicious Killer.” I think it’s a must-read for anyone with gluten intolerance… Especially those who have blood relatives with no outward symptoms of the disease.



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