If you have to eat gluten free, should you subject your child to it as well or make two separate meals?

dlf h Asked: If you have to eat gluten free, should you subject your child to it as well or make two separate meals?

I would probably make my child eat it as well. I don’t have the money to make 2 different meals every day, nor would I really want to make 2 different meals daily.


Mommy of 5 Answered:
It’s not particularly advisable to make someone not eat gluten when they have no other reason to, unless a doctor says that it is okay.I know a lot of people roll their eyes at the idea but it really is important, because what you eat affects what you absorb.Maybe make 2meals that aren’t 100% separate?I live in a half vegetarian and half meat-eating household, so we usually are able to compromise by putting the meat in separate if we want so I’m sure there is a way around it with gluten
megan Answered:
It could go either way. If you raise the child gulten-free from their earliest years, they won’t know what they’re missing as far as foods go, but if you are on a new diet or something, I’d just make two meals.
My 4 Boys Answered:
why not fix one gluten-free meal for the two of you? always? even guests don’t need to know the gluten isn’t there. gluten isn’t a “plus” for anyone, as we know. 

gluten-substitutes are fine for all. or merely white-meat, dark-colored vegetables, honeyed “sweets” (if sweets at all); pure juicing; no sodas and little dairy. at each meal: a protein, vegetable, a fruit. if done just right, the “need” for snacking will disappear — believe it or not.

at least at home and in prepared lunches (for school, workplace), 2-3 meals a day can be healthy.

good luck!:)

mz mystery Answered:
I would probably make separate meals. Tsk, what am I saying? I already *do* make separate meals because of the one daughter who is allergic to garlic, onion, half a dozen fruits, and a handful of veggies (and has subsequently become a picky eater). 

Since the emergence of allergies, none of us eat the same thing at any given meal. And yes, it does get old.

I guess if I were the kitchen-creative type I’d whip up these superb meals with bizarre but hypoallergenic ingredients. But then I’d never muster the energy to leave the house, so our weird system of eating is the compromise.

brimstone blackbeetle Answered:
I dont think they should have a special diet because of my needs and they also should be eating what the family eats, I will not make two separate meals every night, so I would just make them the gluten version of whatever Im eating unless they taste the same.
Lena Dawson Baby Adrian is here Answered:
I wouldn’t make two separate meals each time you cook. If you and your child eat dinner together, just make that a gluten-free meal that you both can enjoy. However, I don’t see why you can’t buy food with gluten in it for your child as well. He can have a sandwich for lunch, or have pretzels available for a snack, etc. 

You shouldn’t have to subject your child to a specific diet. However, if you want to make a pasta dish for dinner, just make it with the gluten-free pasta. Don’t make two separate dinners.

HoneyLissaBee Answered:
”Subjecting” a child to a gluten free meal is not torture. people put waay too much emphasis on food.

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