Is quinoa gluten-free?

Blush Asked: Is quinoa gluten-free?

I don’t know much about it, and was just reading today about how healthy it is


Singinganddancing Answered:
I would believe it is. do some research if you want. The couple places i looked a few months ago said it is though.
JHoyt Answered:
Yes. It’s one of the only grains that is.
Hachi Answered:
Yes, it is, but sometimes the equipment it is processed on is shared with wheat, so check the box. Yay gluten-free!!! 

Watch out though. I experimented with a box of quinoa (shaped like elbow macaroni noodles), and even though it had a normal amount of fiber for me (16% of daily value in a serving), I got so gassy for some reason lol. Tasted like “regular” pasta to me though!

Robinette Answered:
Yup it is, but like the other person said, you want to make sure it’s not cross contaminated. 

You cook it just like rice and it’s a lot like couscous (which isn’t gluten free). It’s quite nutty, but a bit bland.

You could cook some up and mix it in with rice (which is gluten free) and have a rice and quinoa mix to have with a gluten free stir fry.

Also, to save you any embarrassment when you go to the shop and ask for it (lol) it’s pronounced KEEN-wah. My Mum always says ‘quin-oh-ar’ lol.



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