Is touching gluten a problem when you have celiac disease?

Question by Shebeth: Is touching gluten a problem when you have celiac disease?
I am a Celiac but the rest of my family isn’t. I’ve never given any thought to handling bread, baking with wheat flour, etc. and have always been sure to wash my hands carefully so that I don’t contaminate my own food. Talking to a friend whose teenage daughter has been recently diagnosed – they won’t let her touch anything with flour, even to the point of asking her to be exempted from art class when they were working with papier mache (flour, water, newsprint). It made me wonder if they are too extreme or if I am not careful enough? Anyone have any knowledge about this? Tx.

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Answer by Richard M
I’m also a Celiac and you shouldn;t touch wheat flour or the bread. You need to stay away from the flour because you can also breath in the dust and not even know or realize it. I even toast my bread in a separate toaster so I don’t get any crumbs from any wheat bread. If you should break out with any kind of skin rash it could come from touching wheat bread or using the wrong kind of soap. You really need to be careful with everything. It can be a bummer sometimes, but when you do everything you should, you’ll never have any problems. If you’re new to Celiac you probably won’t have any problems with skin rash until a couple of years. That’s what happened to me. It all depends on how sensitive you are to gluten. Good luck and good living.

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