Late Night Snack Cravings

Even after eating like a horse all day, there are instance when you just can’t control yourself and just crave some snacks. This only indicates that there is less protein in your diet than what is recommended. Before devouring what you just found in your fridge, drink a tall glass of water first. Research has it that cold beverages trick our minds into thinking we are full.

Late night eating is not so bad, contrary to popular belief. However, you have to be picky with the food you munch on. If possible, opt for protein.

Sugary and salty foods are the usual foods we crave, along with fatty ones. They’re so easy to crave since they’re so easy to sneak in as well. Chips, French fries, name it.

People with an active lifestyle require protein to fuel them up. However, loading up on unhealthy food before bedtime isn’t going to do your metabolism any good. It’s just going to confuse it. If you really have to eat sugary and fatty, do so before 6pm. That way, you’re sure your metabolism is at its best.

Go for gluten-free snacks if you can. These include nuts like walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts that contain healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids. Such snacks can lower bad cholesterol levels because of their high fiber content. Also, they can satisfy your cravings.

Eggs are also a good choice, but don’t have too much of the egg yolks because they are high in fat content. Gluten-free protein shakes are also great, not only for athletes. Salads also satisfy practically anyone. Just see to it that you’re going for gluten-free dressings and those that are low in fat. Why certainly, dry and crunchy vegetables like carrots and broccoli which are very low in calorie are also perfect.

As much as you possibly can, have healthy foods as staples in your daily diet. By doing so, you get to maintain your ideal weight and your tiptop health condition, and dodging late night cravings.

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