Planning a Gluten-Free Wedding…?

Cece Campbell Asked: Planning a Gluten-Free Wedding…?

I am Celiac myself, though no one else in my family is (I was adopted, so they aren’t even gluten-intolerant!) and I don’t know of any guests that might be Celiac or gluten-intolerant either, but I figure since I’m the bride, well, shouldn’t I have a menu full of things I can eat? Is it selfish of me to try and plan an entire menu that I can eat EVERYTHING on? I mean, I’ll have my own loaf of gluten-free bread, but everything else, crackers, cookies, cake, gravy, basically anything available in GF form would be served. Now, I’m still planning on having beer served, but I’ve never liked beer so I am fine with that. I’ve budgeted for the extra cost of gluten free, because I’ve been gluten free long enough to know that my food just costs more. I’ve considered the option of having my own special little area stashed aside in another room for my “special” food, but really I’m kind of tired of having my “special” food area (like I do at family holidays). Yeah, I know that gluten free food can taste different, but the bakery I’m going to order from (100% gluten free) is absolutely amazing, you really can’t taste the difference. I am also making sure that there are nut/dairy/etc free food available for other guests that have allergies, and when I print out the meal order forms I have a space for people to write any food allergies they have, so we can do our best to accommodate them.

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of announcing to everyone that my wedding is going to be gluten free, and that everything there will free of gluten. However, I told a friend of mine my idea and she was all “Oh, you’re throwing a Chelsea Clinton style wedding. Well I guess that is trendy.” Of course I don’t expect casual friends to remember that I am Celiac (I think a lot of them just remember that I have a ‘food allergy’). When I reminded her that I couldn’t eat gluten myself she said she thought it was a great idea. So should I announce that everything is gluten free because of me? Or just not say anything?

So what do y’all think, go 100% gluten free, or do majority regular and only a small private amount of things gluten free? I’ve already decided that I am doing a fully gluten free wedding cake and groom’s cake (fiance wanted the groom’s cake gluten free so I could eat some too) so we’re not budging there, but with everything else? Money isn’t an issue with the gluten free option, so I guess it just depends on if you think that it is selfish of me. Be honest, I’m not a Bridezilla. I guess my whole take on it is that this is one day I don’t *have* to have my own menu, and I can enjoy myself like everyone else, but that might be very narrow-sighted of me, so please… your opinions!


powairy Answered:
The wedding IS about you, but you’re throwing a party FOR your guests. I think you should take into consideration what most people will like, and I personally find that gluten free food is just not that good. I think it’s a tad selfish.
Courtney Answered:
You can be 100% gluten free without announcing it. Since food can taste absolutely fine without gluten, just go ahead and serve that food. If anyone asks, you can tell them that since you can’t digest gluten, you created a gluten free menu for your wedding. Otherwise, what does it matter as long as your guests are well fed?
sweetwickedgrl Answered:
I think going 100% gluten free is fine, but don’t announce it. And sure, gluten-free wedding cake is fine. 

But personally, I’d just get gluten-free for the stuff I was going to eat. If you were already planning on having a choice of entrees, you don’t need to make them both gluten-free.

swbarnes2 Answered:
As someone with a lot of food allergies, I can totally appreciate where you are coming from.
BUT, I have to ask what items are you considering serving that need to be gluten-free besides the cake?Are there “normal” foods that you can eat without concern that wouldn’t make guests think it is odd? 

For example, steak or broccoli or grilled chicken. You could probably eat those items without concern and guests wouldn’t find them odd and you have served your purposes as well as accommodated your guests.

At my wedding, I made sure I could eat almost everything — I did have 2 dishes for the guests only because I was allergic to the items, but I had more then enough that was prepared in a way I could eat it.

novaqueen28 Answered:
Unless your fiance is dying for something with gluten, you can certainly have a gluten-free wedding. However, I think it’s a little silly to make an announcement about it. You say you’re tired of having a separate meal and being different because of your allergy – if that’s true, then why would you draw MORE attention to your illness by announcing that everyone is eating a gluten-free dinner? If you announce it, you’re doing it because you want attention.
truefirstedition Answered:
Why not have two meal Option?
One gluten free
One not gluten free 

A gluten free wedding cake will be very expensive
I would get a layer gluten free the rest just cake

What I notice about your question is it’s me, me, me
What about the person you are marrying? is he gluten free? What would he like at his/her wedding?

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