Q&A: Can celiac disease ever go away?

Question by : Can celiac disease ever go away?
My mom says it usually takes 15-18 years if you’re lucky. Then you’ll become allergic to milk, and when you drink or eat anything with milk, you’ll puke it up. Does this really happen? My sister has celiac disease and is missing out on all the amazing foods out there. Oh yeah! Then after a week of being allergic to milk, you’ll be better but you might have a little belly ache. Is this true? Will this happen?

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Answer by cookiecrumbles

It never goes away…and you don’t become allergic to milk, people with Celiac disease have trouble tolerating it sometimes.
There are lost of gluten free foods available that your sister an try, so she doesn’t really have to miss out on cookies and cakes etc..as long as they are gluten free.

She has to follow a strict gluten free diet for life, either that or get sick.

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