Q&A: Food ideas for people with Celiac’s disease?

Question by potentiallywonderful: Food ideas for people with Celiac’s disease?
A friend has been diagnosed with wheat/gluten allergy. Can anyone suggest any good meal tips?

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Answer by Anama

Sure. First you need the unsafe list:

Is it allergies (histamine) or Celiac (autoimmune response)? or both?
Allergies you have to act differently around (possibly nothing even airborne) because it could result in breathing issues, celiac is just no cross contam or ingestion of gluten (which is in wheat,barley,rye, spelt, triticale, kamut, etc, etc.) . Thought I would ask, there is a biiiig difference. Also wheat free does not mean gluten free many times, so you need to be very careful about that when buying products . Also gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean wheat free (ex: in the UK wheat sugar is considered gf. If someone with wheat allergy ate it, they would be sick!). You just need to ask your friend to clarify for you so you won’t get them sick.

Anyway, here are my fav Celiac recipie sites, you can assume that they are wheat free :
and here:

Otherwise, just plenty of whole fresh foods (especially in the beginning). There are plenty of gf products now, just look for hidden wheat/gluten products that could be present (barley grass, wheat grass, wheat sugar are considered gf in the UK and can be present in products made there).

Oh, and if celiac and newly diagnosed, NO DAIRY for several months while her villi heal, ok? (no villi tips, no lactase being produced)
Good luck! Hope this helps. Add details if you need more info., I’ll keep checking back.
Edit: Wow! who is the silly person that thumbs downed me? lol! Asker, you can assume this answer is 100% correct and can use the advice with confidence. Sometimes people just don’t know any better and do stuff like that! And sherbet is usually NOT safe, please do NOT give your friend sherbet unless you specifically check the label. Perry’s is gf, by the way.
p.p.s.. if you are thinking about cooking for him/her please be careful about cross contamination if you are a wheat/gluten eater. The most common areas? Cutting boards,toasters, wooden spoons, breadmakers,pizzabricks.
Please get the allergy/intolerance or both question answered as well.

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