Q&A: I have Hoshimoto’s hypothyroidism. Should I be worried about celiac disease?

Question by Ashley: I have Hoshimoto’s hypothyroidism. Should I be worried about celiac disease?
I have been going untreated for my thryroid disease for months now due to a lack of health coverage. Recently, I have been experiencing a loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea (no vomiting), and diarrhea. I have heard that there may be a link between celiac and hypothyroidism and am now concerned that I should be screened for celiac. Should I be worried or do I just have some kind of stomach bug?

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Answer by Harley Drive

A stomach bug doesn’t last that long so if your symptoms continue then it is likely to be from another condition. These symptoms could be from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis itself, low vitamin B12 or magnesium levels which are commonly associated with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, or celiac’s disease.

“Relative risks of almost all other autoimmune diseases in Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis were significantly increased (>10 for pernicious anemia, systemic lupus erythematosus, Addison’s disease, celiac disease, and vitiligo).”

90% with hashimoto’s has genetic defects with vitamin D absorption so the odds you have vitamin D deficiency is extremely high. Without vitamin D you cannot absorb calcium or magnesium effectively. Blood tests are recommended but of course if you cannot afford it, then my suggestions are: supplementing with vitamin B12 (sublingual – under the tongue), magnesium, calcium and vitamin D and go on a gluten free diet. A gluten free diet is shown to lower thyroid antibodies. Also, a must is selenium (about 4 brazil nuts a day). Selenium is shown in clinical trials to lower TPO thyroid antibodies.

If you cannot afford supplementing, then increase your diet with magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12 rich foods and go out into the sun daily between 10 – 2 for about 20 minutes – no sunscreen which blocks UVB rays that create vitamin D. This said, if you have a deficiency this may not be enough. If you have autoimmune pernicious anaemia, then it is essential to take sublingual vitamin B12 to bypass the digestive tract.

Hashimoto’s slows down your metabolism leaving digestion very slow and incomplete thyroxine is cheaply available on the internet and a dose of 100-150 mcg a day will combat hashimoto’s, talk it over with your health adviser.

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