Q&A: What is the accuracy of the celiac bloodtest?

Question by joe schmoe: What is the accuracy of the celiac bloodtest?
Today I got blood test back from a celiac test and it was positive. I’m getting a biopsy soon but I was just curious how accurate these blood test are and what the chances are that I do have the disease? thanks!

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Answer by Camellia
You probably won’t get great answers from Y/A on this question. I would suggest that you go to Celiac.com. They have a really great message board and lots of people who are familiar with celiac disease. I have no idea on the accuracy. From what I’ve heard, the biopsy is a better indicator than the blood test. (although I would think that they would still want you to do gluten-free if you have anti-bodies in your blood many specialists say that there are other types of gluten-sensitivity besides celiac disease. but I guess most physicians aren’t experts on it) But really I have no idea. If the biopsy comes back negative, I would still recommend that you try a gluten-free diet for a little while to see if your health improves. It’s worked wonders for many people. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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