Question for people on a gluten-free diet?

Blush Asked: Question for people on a gluten-free diet?

Did you notice a difference in your skin, like acne clearing up? How long before this was noticeable?


I gota pee Answered:
I never noticed something like that
JerryJ Answered:
Unless you are allergic to gluten, this is just another fad diet to be avoided. You’ll likely have better luck keeping your skin clear by stop drinking carbonated beverages and eating more whole grains, fruit and vegetables. If the skin condition is really bad, see your doctor or dermatologist for real medicine rather than trying to use quack remedies.

Eating balanced meals as recommended in the Harvard Eating Pyramid and exercising at your target heart rate is the best way to keep fit.

J Answered:
Your skin will probably start to clear up within 2-8 weeks. Gluten free isn’t a fad diet. Gluten is very difficult to digest even for people who can tolerate it. When our digestion is off, it causes a lot of other problems and diseases. Regulating the gut is so important and acne is caused from within. Once the digestion is improved, skin clarity will also improve. In the meantime, Panoxyl is a face wash that works very well. You can find it at any Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aide. It worked for me when proactive stopped working.
Rhianna does Medicine Year 1 Answered:
Yes, I notice my acne clears up. I had acne on different body parts growing up,and I never knew why, but going off gluten made my skin clear up. My asthma better. My allergies. Sorry,I don`t remember how long it took to clear up.

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