Son is autistic and wanting to put him on Gluten-Free diet?

Question by margiesue_84: Son is autistic and wanting to put him on Gluten-Free diet?
So far looking into it, it seems pretty simple, except for the bread, does anyone know if Wal-Mart sells a gluten-free bread. And when looking for ingredients, on packages i need to avoid wheat, rye or barley for sure, is this correct. Any thing else that might be helpful would be appreciated. We are just now looking into it so help from gluten-free dieters would be awesome.

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Answer by cayci_3
I’ve done some research on it because I have unknown food allergies. I went to Barnes and Noble and got a book called “Everything Gluten-Free” and it’s amazing, I think around $ 10-15. That is where you need to start, read up on it as much as you can, and it has recipes in there too.

Wal-Mart doesn’t sell one specific brand of bread that is gluten free. You can buy the mix of the bread and bake it yourself, which is relatively easy. You can buy the mix in the organic section in Wal-Mart. Honestly, for bread and stuff it’s best to go to an organic store and find a reasonably priced bread if baking it is too much.

Gluten also can hide in dressings and sauces as well. Besides breads, dressings and sauces are the next culprit. Again, check the labels. You can still use flour, rice flour for example if you want to fry things or just use flour in something. Again, the Gluten-Free book I mentioned had tons of alternatives in there.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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