Stay Healthy, Stay Gluten Free

Gluten per se is a type of amino acid found in many kinds of food. Gluten free diet is a meal plan that includes food that does not contain gluten in them. You may notice the little vocabulary lesson we have here but in the course of this article, these terms will be encountered more than several times. So before we go on, it is best to equip yourself with basic knowledge in order to understand everything that this is all about than continue reading without really knowing.

Moving on, the society nowadays is slowly becoming oriented to gluten allergy. In medical terms, it is referred to as Celiac Disease or basically the gluten intolerance. The smartest thing to do is to first consult a doctor or a specialist. You will both be working together in setting up a plan of care on how you are going to go about with your day to day life. Because as much as we want to have a lot of solutions to your current problem, a modification in food intake is the sole and the best way to live a life alongside this disorder.

With that said, you can say that the food is the main enemy. However, food can also be your best friend in this kind of situation. There are a lot of gluten rich food out there. Among them are wheat, rye, barley and triticale. Aside from that, gluten can also be contained in food additives that are mixed in the recipe of a specific dish. That may sound like a lot. But knowing all these will actually help you refrain from them. Take for example, eating wheat may lead to dermatitis. That tells you that oats are definitely bad. Other stuff that you should do away with are noodles, grains, pasta, peas, potatoes and sugar.

If you come to think of it, these food may also lead to several other conditions such as increased cholesterol level, diabetes and hypertension. Which is why, it is stressed to begin by consulting an expert once you feel that something is off about yourself lately. Once diagnosed of having Celiac Disease, that is the time for you to change your daily meal.

Gluten Free Handbook