Tesco gluten free products?

chicca Asked: Tesco gluten free products?

I am a student coming to England and i just wanted to know if there are products “gluten free”at Tesco and how much they cost… i hope not too much….

I also follow a diet based on oat bran, where can I buy it? thank you a lot for your suggestions!


Kaye Answered:
The other supermarket Sainsburys usually has a lot of gluten free products. I’m sure all supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Morrisons all have many items too. Also Holland & Barratt health food store may have them too.
Kaybee Answered:
There is a tesco in almost every town in England. You are mostly likely to find gluten free products in larger tesco stores and they normally have a whole section for gluten free products. Gluten free products tend to be a little more expensive than normal products. They sell oat bran cereals too.

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