What can I do to ease the symptoms of Celiac Disease?

Question by Marcos: What can I do to ease the symptoms of celiac disease?
My wife has Celiac Disease and she hasn’t been feeling too good. She told me that her stomach hurts really bad all the time. What could I do or buy her to make her feel good again? I was thinking of some type of detox/cleanse for the body.

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Answer by Anne
No! No cleansing/detoxing anything. Her intestines are already irritated and this could make it worse.

I am assuming since you know what it is, she has been diagnosed by a doctor. The only treatment for Celiac disease is eating a gluten-free diet. This is a lifelong process of changing what she eats. There are a lot more gluten free foods available now in stores, so having better choices of “normal” foods will help. If she hasn’t already, she should see a nutritionist and/or a doctor that specializes in this. There are several vitamin deficiencies that can accompany this disease. She should really be followed by a doctor.

Go to www.celiac.org for a lot more useful info than I can give you here.

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