What do you think about gluten free foods?

Question by tillyhokie: What do you think about gluten free foods?
Hi, I work for a magazine specializing in food allergies. I’m looking to gather quotes from people on their opinions on gluten free foods, how they handle going to restaurants, and the ups/downs of life with with Celiac. Feel free to speak up, I’d love your opinion! Thanks!!

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Answer by tiggsy
Until recently gluten free products have mostly been overpriced and seem never to have been taste-tested. That’s improving, thankfully, as more competition comes onstream, and there are even a few gluten free loaves on sale that are worth eating, for example Genius brand (in the UK), currently only on sale in Tesco.

As I live in Scotland, gluten free eating out is very difficult, though it is improving slowly. As an example of the ignorance most of us encounter, I went out for a meal recently, and when I said that I was gluten free, and ordered a steak (the only thing on the menu that looked safe), with no onion rings (they are always served in batter), the girl serving said “but surely you can’t eat the potatoes”! They were chips (french fries), real potato, not the reconstituted things you get in Macdonalds, so they were safe enough. Ah well, at least it showed she cared…

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