What does a vegan with Celiac Disease eat?

Question by Capybara: What does a vegan with Celiac Disease eat?
I’m a recently diagnosed celiac and my previous diet contained a lot of gluten. I find that “gluten free” alternative products, such as bread and pasta taste revolting.

Anyone else out there in the same situation. What do you eat? Am I going to die?

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Answer by Celtic Tejas
OH YEAH, eating Gluten Free is a huge change in our grain based diet society. 1)Get in touch with your local Celiac Group they will help you. This is tough but I promise doable. I was in your shoes 3 years ago.
2)There are few places that sale decent already made breads, rolls, crackers.. you’ll have to find them in your area. Sammi’s bakery out of FL. has really nice stuff. http://www.samisbakery.com/
They may have a store near you that sales their products. I do & I live in a tiny town near Houston.
3)CHEBE mixes are nice & easy to make.
4)Pamela’s Baking mix is supper for muffins, pancakes etc. My Blueberry Walnut Muffins from this mix are fought over at Family Brunches.
5) My fav pasta is PASTA JOY by Tinkyada. It’s made with brown rice & is good good know will know it’s not “regular” pasta unless you tell them!!
If you can’t find these in your health food or grocery stores, shop on line. Amazon carries some GF foods, Edward Brothers & a few other.
Slainté (to your health)

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