wheat allergy-is it the same as celiac disease?

daisy3 Asked: wheat allergy-is it the same as celiac disease?

I try to stay on a more or less strict gluten free diet. However, if I eat a meal, perhaps on a trip or such, of gluten items, I have no reaction whatever. So why am I on a gluten free diet if I have no symptoms, even if the blood test shows that I am allergic to wheat?


formerlybob Answered:
A wheat allergy and celiac disease are not the same thing. Allergies produce histamine reactions to proteins in the wheat, which may or may not include gluten. Celiac disease causes the immune system to destroy portions of the small intestine when gluten is present. 

Maybe you have only a mild allergy to wheat so small amounts don’t cause a reaction. If you have celiac disease, it doesn’t always cause noticeable symptoms until a significant amount of damage is done.

You may not need to be on a gluten-free diet if you only have a wheat allergy.

Jade Shing Answered:
if you have doubts about it I would probably ask your doctor again, the test may be wrong or you just stay on your gluten free diet for other reasons than health.
If you’re on a trip again you can find a few gluten free fast food restaurants before hand so you don’t have to eat gluten items if you dont want to.

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