Can anybody recommend any good vegan cook books?

HumanExperience Asked: Can any body recommend any good vegan cook books?

Quite a lengthy post I know, but I think it makes it helpful for those willing to answer my questions to the best of their ability. Thanks in advance.

I made the transition but need a boost.. as I’m starting to get sluggish with cooking because I have no idea what will taste good..

The part I enjoy most is eating fruit because it’s quick and easy and I don’t need to prepare it. I eat bob red mills gluten free oats with a little honey and chopped bananas on top. They taste ok but I’m sure I could do better. Maybe crushed walnuts?

Either way my aim is to eat healthy and I understand it isn’t ALWAYS about great taste. I mean I don’t like broccoli often but I still eat it because I know it’s benefits.

The kind of foods I have decided to eat are things like brown rice, lentils, mung beans, all organic fruits. yams, sweet potatoes, plantain.. Most greens, quinoa, millet, aramanth..

As long as it came from the earth and is gluten free I’m fine with it.. even though my body can handle gluten fine after my full detox / cleanse I’ve decided to make the extra effort to eat healthily.

As for b12 I’ve read that red star nutritional yeast is good for that. If you know any sources of b12 within the UK I would appreciate if you could give me info on that.

1 thing I have noticed since turning vegan (4 months now) is that there is so much to choose from when it comes to food. Before my typical dish would be pasta or rice, some kind of source and chicken or beef, some times eggs, skimmed milk and cereals containing gluten.. I ate greens but just the obvious type like sprouts, green peas, broccoli ..

Now I’ve discovered all these vegetables I didn’t know existed so it’s quite over whelming and sometimes I feel stuck.

I want to learn how to make healthy sauces to put on my rice, quinoa etc.. I would like to know how to bring out taste in my dishes. My aim is to start of eating at least 6 x 500 calorie meals per day as I have a lot of weight to put on. 6″2 guy so I guess I need to feed myself appropriately. My current weight reflects how I’ve been eating for the last few months and I really do need to pack on some healthy weight.

I listen to my body well but I hope someone out there can give me some assistance?

Cook books? or Cooking classes (london)?


mark Answered:
I’m not a vegan but I eat many vegan and vegetarian dishes. I also collect cookbooks and have about 50 vegetarian cookbooks of which about half are vegan. My thoughts are that the best vegan recipes can be found in some of the best vegetarian cookbooks.

This one is my favorite: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

Jen D Answered:
Get the Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It is the last cookbook you will ever need. The recipes are just amazing!

Lynn Answered:
I’ve got ‘Vegan With A Vengeance‘ by Ira Moskowitz and it’s got some great recipes in it. She’s a terrific vegan cook, and I suspect you’ll be able to find that, or some other vegan books in your local library (I’m a big fan of libraries and usually advise people to check out the books there before splurging out your hard earned cash on buying them).

As for B12, the nutritional yeast you mention is very good for it, but I urge you to check out the link I’ve pasted below before becoming hung up on it.


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